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Foodstirs-modern birthday gifting

My daughter was recently gifted this thoughtful hands on gift from her godmother. A subscription box from the company Foodstirs. I believe the subscription she got was that we will receive one box recipe every other month for 6 months or 3 boxes total. How creative and thoughtful is this gift right?! I mean don't get me wrong she loves getting toys but i feel like she has so many that have their moments but overall do not get much attention(just more clever storage needed on moms part). I will for sure be keeping this one in mind for future gifting.

The box comes with all the ingredients necessary for the recipe other than perishables. In this case we needed milk, yogurt and butter. The ingredients in the boxes are also all organic based. HINT: before you tell your child you are going to make this recipe make sure you read the recipe card to make sure you have those perishables on hand. Trust me it will save a meltdown when you say you need to run to the store for one of the ingredients first :)

Our box recipe was "popcorn" cupcakes. First we needed to mix the batter and pour into these adorable cupcake liners that look like a carnival box of popcorn.

Once cooked and cooled completely you can add the frosting, a mixture of frosting and mini marshmallows which gave the appearance of kernels. Yellow sprinkles on top of course for the butter!

The cupcakes were actually very good, I was impressed. The cupcake itself was extremely moist which I am guessing comes from using yogurt in the recipe. I also liked that the recipe was only for 6 cupcakes rather than 12 or 24 because it allowed for everyone to have one but not have them laying around for days.

This little cutie cannot wait to get the next box in the mail! I think she asks every day if its time yet.

Have any of you tried foodstirs before? Let me know what you think!

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